Scorpi B+

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Scorpi B+ / Flexible Mount for the Raspberry Pi Camera Board

> High-end Raspberry Pi B+ accessory
> Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+
> 100% Dismountable
> 360 Degrees precise positioning
> Plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi B+ via USB port
> Designed and mounted by Graspinghand


_The ScorPi B+ allows you to fix the Raspberry Pi Camera Board above (or under) the Raspberry Pi B+ in any position you want, it plugs tightly into one of the USB port of your Raspberry Pi B+ and works with or without casing. The tube is flexible but stays fixed in the position it's bent into for precise adjustments. The ScorPi comes pre-assembled with a right-angle USB brass plug on one end, and a 2mm bolt fixing on the other. Simply slide the 2mm bolt fixing through the mounting hole of the camera and bolt using the included stainless steel nut and a nylon washer from each side


Solid brass connectors / Gooseneck tubing with PVC sleeving / Stainless steel bolts & nuts / Nylon washers


Each connecting part is designed & assembled by Graspinghand / CNC machined especially for this product. This is a high-end Raspberry Pi accessory, build to work well and last long


The ScorPi B+ is 100% dismountable, you can easily replace any bolt, washer, nut and bulk screw in the nearest hardware store


In order to unmount the ScorPi B+ you will need :
-- Long-nosed pliers
-- Narrow flat screwdriver
-- 1.5mm Allen key

> DIMENSIONS > 195mm x 22mm x 9mm / 4.0mm diameter gooseneck tubing > WEIGHT > 27 g

Raspberry Pi Camera Module not included / Patent pending / Beware of copies