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Sweetbox Raspberry Pi Case + Heatsinks + Thermal Pads

> The smallest case on the market
> Injected with High Performance Nylon
> Compatible with :
-- Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 1 and 2
-- Raspberry Pi Camera
-- Micro-SD Adapter
> Rubber cap to access to the GPIO
> Slots to access to the CSI and DSI
> Mounting holes on the base
> Simple Opening & Closing without screws or tools
> Integrated Aluminum Heatsinks
> Ready-to-mount Thermal Pads


_We pushed the boundaries of the casing to the limits, that's why we can affirm that no one will ever be able to make a more compact case for the Raspberry Pi. The shell is a thick nylon skin that wraps snugly the Raspberry Pi board, keeping from dust, protecting from shocks, scratches and extending the lifetime of your Pi


_The set of Heatsinks has been designed by Graspinghand and CNC machined to fit the Sweetbox case perfectly. They work great with or without a case though, allowing your Raspberry Pi to run around 4 ℃ / 7.2 ℉ cooler at full calculation. The set comes with 3 ready-to-mount thermal pads


_The case is injected in high performance Nylon EMS Grilamid, used for tools, electrical equipments and glasses frames, no need to tell you that this material is nearly unbreakable

> DIMENSIONS > 95mm x 65mm x 25mm

> WEIGHT > 35 g

Raspberry Pi Computer not included / Patent pending / Beware of copies